Hi Neighbors,

The Events Committee started five years ago, and with your help, we look forward to offering more things to our HOA.  Many neighbors have been chairmen of the various events for all four years and need a break.

Please consider volunteering for a specific event.  Most are only once a year!  I have notes from past chairmen to help you get started and of course will work with you.  

A.  Social Events for the HOA

1. Easter Egg Hunt – March 26, 2016 Kathy Spiller – chairman
2.  Cowboy BBQ April 9, 2016 – Eric & Jana Persson
3.  Gaslight Theatre-Fall, Spring & Summer show-chairman(s) needed
4.  Ladies Luncheon-2nd Tuesday of each month-chairman needed
5.  Bunco-4th Wednesday of each month-Rosemary Hudson, chairman
6.  Book Club-Barb Algire, chairman
7.  Hiking Club-Laurel Salvador, chairman
8.  Care Group-Deborah Toland, chairman
9.  Welcome Committee-Madeleine Murray, chairman
10.  Chicks with Sticks-Madeleine Murray, chairman
11.  Yoga-Sue Schroeder

Other suggestions?

Note: The Friends of AZ National is not a part of the HOA Events Committee, but under the chairmanship of the Kaphings and the Algires.  Many neighbors have enjoyed wonderful events at the clubhouse.  

B.  Special Events as an outreach to the community

1.  Food Drive
2.  Blood Drive
3.  Holiday Party Donation
4.  Animal Food Drive
6.  Other suggestions?

Our next meeting is March 23rd at AZ National
at 5 PM.  Please join us. 

Maria Lerbs, Events Chairman
lerbies@msn.com ~ 520-760-8287

Looking to Volunteer in Tucson?

Here are some websites to help you get started.