Gatehouse Phone: 520-760-0075   Fax:  520-760-0245

Obtaining A Gate Opener (RFID Tag)

The gate openers (RFID Tags) are available for purchase at the HOA Office located in the Community Center.  The RFID Tags may be purchased by contacting the Property Manager at 520-638-8620 or you may mail the completed RFID Tag order form to the address on the form being sure to enclose your check made payable to Sabino Springs HOA for the total amount due.  The cost is $30 per tag.

Authorizing Guests in Advance

You may call the Gatehouse in advance at 520-760-0075  to authorize anticipated guests.  If you do not call in advance, the gate attendant will call your home for authorization. If you are expecting a large number of people, please provide the gatehouse with a list of guests’ names and the specific date and time of your gathering.

Use of the Sentex System after 12:00AM

If you have a visitor after 12:00 A.M., the gatehouse may be unattended. The attendant may be conducting patrols of the community, however no one will be at the gate to call your home. The Sentex system offers a way in which to grant access under these circumstances.

Using the pound sign (#) on the Sentex keypad, your guest can scroll through the list of names until they find yours and the corresponding three-digit code. Upon entering your code, the system will dial your phone number, at which point you may press “9” on your phone while you are still on the line. This will open the gate and disconnect the phone call.

Note: Should you wish to have this as an option, you MUST submit your name and phone number to the Property Manager for input into the system!