About Us

Sabino Springs Master Homeowners Association (Association) was established to protect the environment, maintain facilities and common areas, enhance property values, and sustain our quality of life. Every property owner in Sabino Springs automatically becomes a member of the Association. Membership qualification is outlined in the recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which are the governing documents for the community. The CC&Rs also define the standards to which common areas are maintained, policies are enforced, and architectural control is regulated.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors whose fiduciary responsibility is to ensure that the governing documents are objectively and expeditiously enforced. The Board has selected Pinehurst Properties, Inc.  to provide professional management services for all aspects of the daily operation of the community. Both the Board and Pinehurst Properties, Inc., are dedicated to maintaining an open line of communication between homeowners and the Association. test