Dumpster Arrival

April 6, 2017


 The arrival of the dumpsters is scheduled for April 10, 2017.   They will remain on site through April 24, 2017 and will be switched out with empty ones as they become full.  Below are some reminders and information about the dumpsters:

The dumpsters are for homeowner, residential disposal of GREEN (yard) waste or non-hazardous household waste and items.

The dumpsters are located near the golf maintenance complex which can be reached by turning left at the second roadway once you pass through the entrance gate. They are in the landscape maintenance area on the right.

One dumpster is for household waste, the other is for GREEN or yard waste such as tree clippings, leaves, etc. Please do not dispose of hazardous waste in either of these dumpsters. A list of unacceptable items may be found by clicking HERE.

Please dispose of waste into the dumpsters do not leave waste on the ground.
Contact Marvin in the HOA Office for any questions, sabinospringshoa@gmail.com or 520-638-8620.

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